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Corporate trainings

Partners-Georgia delivers training programs, which are designed specifically for private sector:

  Effective customer service and sales

Training focuses on effective sales techniques and standards of client service. As a result of the training, sales personnel, as well as managerial staff and business executives of the corporation will be able to effectively serve difficult, problematic, exacting and capricious clients; adequately respond to critical situations and maintain the positive attitude and high work capacity until the end of their working day. Training will help personnel to realize the expediency and importance of one of the most problematically adopted truth about the client, who is "always right" ("client is the king"). Communication techniques practiced during the training will assist participants to better understand specific client needs, demands and problems and build up the relevant sales communication strategy that will effectively convince client in advisability and desirability of this or that specific product.

  Recruitment through interviewing
  Coaching for managers